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Where is the english rom image to hard reset?? [GIGABYTE g-Smart i Pocket PC Phone - 136855]

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Hello, Today my gsmart i stucked while it did a mobile carrier search during start up. It was not responding for much time (10'''') so I did a reset using the reset button.Then it stucked on the Gigabyte logo, refusing to do anything else... I decided to do a Hard Reset using send+end+power to turn it off and the same sequence to turn it on, as described on the manual. It did a check for image file (not ghost image, but firmware image) and customization file and found nothing in the original gigabyte sd card (which is not used since i bought it). So my question is where is the rom firmware files to do my hard reset? ps: I was planning to do a hard reset because the past few weeks my phone lost the wireless network card and after few power ons-power offs it was ok. Still it was annoying. I noticed that there is a firmware 1.12.b2 in Higiga (Gigabytes) page which is probably in thai, but unfortunently I''m english or Greek speaking...