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Language change [Fujitsu Siemens LOOX Pocket PC - 102721]

On receipt of a Pocket Loox (Fr)I posed the question below to yor sales dept, who as yet have not responded, could comment asap, Note I have found within the operating system the language is set to 'Anglaise' but no amount of searching allows me to change it to 'english'and make use of this extermely good PDA :- Hi, I recently purchased a Pocket Loox from your website (details Below) which arrived yesterday. It was a French import item. I was anxious that the reduced price was because the product supplied would be locked in the french language and I would not be able to change it. I spoke to one of your operators regarding this matter who assured me, other than receiving a continental power cord, the product should be fully customisable to suit any European language, including English. Despite my best efforts, I cannot alter the default French language and I am contacting yourselves, hoping to receive either details on how to remedy the situation or advice on my course of action regarding the return of this item. Should you require, my contact number is 07833386032. Thanks, and hope to hear from you shortly. A Smith >From: >To: >Subject: eXpansys - Shipped Order 3CQ3416E1294 >Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 11:54:02 -0000 > >Your order 3CQ3416E1294 has been shipped. > >Visit >for details. > >For Technical Support on these products please go to > > >Thank you for using eXpansys. > >Order Processing >eXpansys >UK +44 (0)161 868 0868 >France +33 467 457 780 >USA +1 309 820 7913 >Australia +61 (0)3 9481 5155 > > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Half price modem, FREE connection and one month FREE - click here to sign up to BT Broadband.
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The only way to change the language on the unit is to reflash the ROM, changing the language can invalidate the warranty. See here for more information. -- Michael - eXpansys

Thanks for the information you shared with us.

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