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Software Doesn't Recognise Connection [Fujifilm FinePix A340 Zoom Digital Camera - 117003]

  • Asevitz
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I have recently purchased the FinePix A340, and have installed the software exactly as isntructed 54 of the user manual. When I try connect the camera to the PC however, nothing happens. I follow every instraction on page 66 (USB cables, AC adapters, settings) etc but PC doesn't react at all. According to the manual, a "Found New Hardware" message should pop up, and some "List of Actions to Persorm" should appear. As far as my PC is concerned however, my camera may as well not exist. Could someone please help me before I break the darn thing? Thanks
Dear Asevitz, You will have to contact Fujifilm's technical support department. You can visit their website and select the device and region for which you require support.

I have the same problem.

Did someone solve it?