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on/off switch, battery changeable [Freedom Keychain GPS SiRF Star III Receiver with Bluetooth - 147694]



does this GPS receiver have an on/off switch or is it working as soon as it is charged?

Is it possible to change the battery when it is not working any more? Which size is it?


Thanks in advance


Yes, it has an on/off switch.  It's the only switch/button on the unit.  It comes with a cigarette lighter charger, and USB cable charger.  Both plug into the mini-usb at the bottom of the unit.  It can be charged while the switch is in off position.  Once on, the blue light begins blinking to establish connection via bluetooth.  It also begins searching for GPS signal, although that seems to be my unit's issue.  Need to contact mobile planet I suppose since Freedom's website has next to no info on it.  The GPS light is supposed to start blinking when data is being exchanged, my light stays solid all the time.

 The unit has two screws in the back.   I've never opened it up.  There isn't information in the one page document that came with it regarding changing the battery.



Hello orificium,

did you try ?

Go to menu "Technical Support" and choose your operating system. What happens?





There is only information for their keyboards. Nothing else.


ADDED ON 10/2/07 10:58PM ET: I didn't realize the Technical Support was a link.  Had only reviewed the list of drop down options.