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how do i retrieve my files??????? [Freecom ToughDrive 2.5" 160GB USB-2 - 142812]

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I purchased this "Toughdrive" to store my ever-growing digital music collection. It seemed fine at first, but then began to work sporadically, often turning itself off. I emailed Freecom, who informed me it was a power related issue (they send you a free power adapter if you live in the UK). By this point, my Mac iBook wouldn't even detect that it was plugged in to the USB port. I got my power adapter, (which I had to buy from another company because I live outside the UK), and it STILL doesn't work. I want to return it, but can't because it has all my files on it. The entire endeavor has been a horrible waste of money. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might retrieve my files?

Without splitting the unit open, I can't suggest anything that would work.  That of course would void your warranty.

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