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MusicPal and FSG not working together (or at all!!) [Freecom MusicPal Wifi Internet Radio + RSS Display - 151643]

Yesterday finally my MusicPal arrived (ordered end of July), but I cannot get it to work for me. My configuration is as follows:

  • Freecom Storage Gateway (FSG-3 250 GB) is the hub in my network (central storage of all files, with My Documents pointing to it).
    • It runs TwonkyVision Mediaserver with all options enabled (i.e. open to the outside world)
    • Configured as switch instead of router
    • No DHCP (use another router instead)
    • It's the two year old no-wireless version, running firmware version 3.3.9
  • Connected to Sweex router with DHCP enabled:
    • Uses MAC address control to assign ip-addresses and connections to the outside (internet)
    • This connects to an Alcatel Speedtouch home adsl modem
  • LAN contains up to 10 pc's/laptops running Win2k, WinXP, WinXPmediacenter, Ubuntu Linux

The symptoms I see:

An ip address is dynamically assigned, but it cannot be reached by the Network Storage Assistant, although it´s presence is noticed, but with the wrong IP address (ending at 23 instead of the assigned 26). Tried this from a Win2k and a WinXPmediacenter pc. Neither is it possible to connect to it by a browser (not as http and neither as https). It says it cannot reach the mediaserver (No Server found), neither internet radio.

Any suggestions are welcome!



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Hello Paul, 

Maybe its a good idea to try Musicpal on a simplified system first,as you have many connections in your network.

I bought the Radio yesterday and it works perfect with my hifidelio-pro (see )


Good Luck !






Hi Andy,


I've tried the musicpal with an unprotected WEP connection and that worked. I cannot find a way of setting it to use a 128 bit WEP shared key. I've contacted support today (took me 40 minutes!!!) and sent them an e-mail with my problem. That's being forwarded to Germany as the support guy has not even seen the musicpal yet... Hope there's gonna be a response soon.

Do you use any kind of protection/encryption on your wireless network?