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How do you know if this has connected to your phone [FAC BT-30 Bluetooth GPS Receiver - 112229]

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Hi, I received this unit today to work with my Sony Ericsson P910i and Wayfinder software. Is there a secret in getting it to work as I received no instructions? I bonded the phone with the device (lucky for me someone else had requested the passcode), so I can now see it in the list of devices I connect to. When I go to Wayfinder software, the software doesn't seem to be working from a GPS position or route input. How do you know if your phone's actually connected to the GPS receiver?
Hello, I am owner of a P910 also and I am looking forward a GPS for this phone. I tested the software wayfinder with another GPS given by a friend and I encountered the same problem as you did : the phone recognizes the GPS module but after in the software, nothing happens. Anybody can help ?