EXPANSYS US 3-Pin Inlet - UK Outlet Plug – サポートフォーラム

Is this what i am after please [EXPANSYS US 3-Pin Inlet - UK Outlet Plug - 104001]

I hope you can help me. I have bought an Archos 20Gb mp3 Player Jukebox from The US on Ebay and have been told that I need to convert the power supply etc which i knew. They tell me that what I need and was wondering if you can tell me with this Description if this is what I am after US 3-Prong Inlet - UK Outlet Plug. Does this just allow the plug that’s American to be able to fit In to this plug and then into the uk power supply or does it convert the power voltage down as well. thanks Having looked at your website I think that this is what I am after but wondered if you can at all confirm this please. You have one for £4.95 and P&P is £2.80 which is the cheapest I have found as Amazon.co.uk Charge £5.99 and there P&P Is a hefty £3.23…rip off so I will get it from you if it’s the one
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You should be able to use this to convert the US plug to a UK plu, but you need to make sure that the voltage is correct (I think the US is 150V). If it only takes 150V them you'll have to get a power converter. Unfortunately we don't sell these. -- Jim - eXpansys
do you stock the opposite of this? i.e. UK 3 pin inlet to US/Canada 3 pin outlet?