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how can i update the OS ?? [EXPANSYS UK AC Adaptor with USB Connector - 216488]

i got the unlocked galaxy note and i want to know were can i update the software ??

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You can go to go to “Settings > About phone > Software update>Update.” You can also upgrade software via Kies. However, please make sure you ;

1. Backup the data
2. Check device is fully charged
3. Ensure device is connected to internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi network

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It is very simple process like you go to setting after open about phone and press software update button after updated the system or you can also upgrade software like forsy backup your data and Check device is fully charged after you Ensure device is connected to internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi network.


I keep checking for updates, and it keeps saying that nothing is available.  When will the unlocked international version sold by Expansys get ICS?  I thought about using Kies, but there are 30+ different versions of ICS for the Note, and I have no idea what version I am supposed to install.  I was hoping that the phone would just get the update pushed, but so far it seems that every other Note has received ICS, but not mine.

Will ICS ever show up as an update?

If I try to do it myself, how do I know what version to install?


I downloaded Kies to see if it would show an update, but nothing there either shown for an upgrade.  If I wait long enough, will there be an update, or is there another way to get ICS?

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First of all,

connect the galaxy s to PC, then clic the upgrade option. then take the backup on upgrade option, after taking this, the window will pop up, then click ok.


Click on upgrade, to upgrade the OS to froyo 2.2

Click on the check box, and click on NEXT


Select Allow saving and click on NEXT

It will start downloading the firmware to the PC


It will start upgrading the firmware to the phone, do not remove the phone while it is upgrading the OS

After the upgradation it will show you this message, once you see the message your phone is upgraded to the latest version (Android Froyo 2.2)