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Galaxy Note Warranty question.. [EXPANSYS UK AC Adaptor with USB Connector - 216488]

Hello! I am considering purchasing a Note from Expansys, but I am concerned about warranty coverage in the United States. I am reading a lot of reports of AMOLED burn-in and/or 'image-persistence' problems where ghosts of various on-screen graphics are basically burned into the screen similar to issues that Plasma televisions have. Many people have said they contacted Samsung to have their screens replaced. If this ends up being an issue, what would the warranty for US users be, if any..?  Thanks!


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I actually have the same question myself...I was about to order the Galaxy Note from Expansys but considering they did not bother to answer such an important question I think I am going to wait or look at buying it somewhere else.


Expansys, would please clarify who is covering the warranty?

Thank you

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same question..

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On the Galaxy Note we are covering 1 year warranty from Expansys. So if Samsung locally can not help you then you can contact us directly and we'll be able to get the handset repaired for you.

I hope this answers your question.


Kenneth Eilertsen (Quality Engineer, eXpansys)

Thank you for the reply Eilertsen! I also forgot to mention that when I tried to email the first@expansys-usa.com email address, it gave me an error that the mailbox didn't exist. I'm not sure if you're the right person to talk to about this issue or not, so I apologize if you aren't the correct person! :)