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What's in the box? - Samsung Galaxy Note [EXPANSYS UK AC Adaptor with USB Connector - 216488]

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This is for those of you that are wondering what you'll find in the box once you've received your product but can't wait for it to arrive:

The device (incl. back cover and battery)
The startup guide
A USB to micro USB cable
A charger
A headset (w/ extre earpieces)

It also comes pre-installed with the following languages:

(BG) Bulgarian
(DE) German
(EL) Greek
(EN) English, American
(ES) Spanish
(ET) Estonian
(FI) Finnish
(FR) French
(GL) Galician
(HR) Croatian
(HU) Hungarian
(IS) Icelandic
(IT) Italian
(KA) Georgian
(KK) Kazakh
(KO) Korean
(LT) Lithuanian
(LV) Latvian, Lettish
(MK) Macedonian
(NL) Dutch
(NO) Norwegian
(PL) Polish
(PT) Portuguese
(RO) Romanian
(RU) Russian
(SK) Slovak
(SL) Slovenian
(SR) Serbian
(SV) Swedish
(TR) Turkish 

Please be aware that box content and pre-installed languages might be changed without further notice.



Kenneth Eilertsen (Quality Engineer, eXpansys)