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Current Stock Not Compat with 6630 [EXPANSYS Memory 512MB Reduced Size Multi Media Card - 115189]

  • FriedCPU
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Hi, I read the previous posts that were at the back end of last year about the stock not being compatable with the Nokia 6630, but it appears the current stock (End of March 05) STILL isnt compatable with the 6630, Could any staff members please confirm if the cards are DV? I just bought one, it arrived today, the 6630 will not see it for anything have been trying for 2hours. Any help would be great. thanks - Will FriedCPU.
  • Michael
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These cards are not DV RS MMC, they are simply RS MMC. We currently only stock DV MMC up 256mb. You will have to return the card that you have for one of those instead. -- Michael - eXpansys