EXPANSYS Memory 512MB Mini Secure Digital Card – サポートフォーラム

eXpansys 512MB Mini SD Card [EXPANSYS Memory 512MB Mini Secure Digital Card - 116182]

  • blairm
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Before I purchase the above, I would like to know if this is compatible with my Orange SPV C500 mobile 'phone. I am particularly cautious here because I had many problems getting a 512MB SD card (not mini SD) to work with my previous 'phone (SPV E200 - I ended up having to get a 512MB MMC card instead). Please respond soon as you've only got 6 left at the time of writing this!! Thanks. Regards, Blair.
  • Mik
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These should work ok, people have them working in the SP3. -- Mick - eXpansys
Blair, did you ever get this working? Larry