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Is it normal for the charger to charge extra longer compare to eeepc unit charge? [EXPANSYS Battery Charger for ASUS Eee PC 901/1000 - 170524]

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I received my charger yesterday morning. Excited to try it out as i thought it was a great idea to have this to charge my spare battery separately. 

Usually my eeepc would have fully charged the battery by 3 and half hours by leaving the unit off. But i noted this battery charger only charged 56% of 6600mAh eeepc 901 battery after 4hours. Is this normal?

 Another question i have is reagarding the connector pin. I compare the pin at eeepc with your charger. There are all 7 pins. one of the pin is longer. I noted the way the longer pin in the charger connect oppositely compare the eeepc charger port. Is this what anticipated? 

Can anyone please clarify as for now i am just too worry that the charger might damage my battery. thank you.





  • mytown
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Dear customer service officer in expansys, 


I would certainly be grateful if someone can feedback to me. I don't think the charger that i got for my eee pc 901 fit the battery. Please come back to me ASAP. An answer is what i need. 






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It is the right charger unit for the 901, but I am not sure how long it should take to charge a battery when using it. 

eXpansys Product Support,
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