EXPANSYS 128MB Smart Media Card – サポートフォーラム

I require 3.3v SMCs [EXPANSYS 128MB Smart Media Card - 101433]

I have two questions concerning the eXpansys smart media cards you offer. Firstly, is the price listed on the .ca site, in Canadian funds? Secondly, are these cards (128 and 64MB) 3.3v? I am requesting this information, because I require bulk SMCs in the future that will work with the GP32. Thank you for your attention in this matter. Sincerely, Jason S
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OK I have just checked the ones here in the manchester branch and they all seem to be 3.3v going off the definition When the golden terminal on the card is faced upward, the 5V card has a notch on its upper left, while the 3.3V type has one on its upper right. However, depending on the suppliers that we have this could change. -- Jim - eXpansys