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Hello, I am looking at ebay to buy an R380 Worldphone. I have a business email address supplied by a domain name company which I use as POP3 email on outlook express (through their server). I NEED to use THIS Email address !! The domain company have given me an HTTP code which they say will enable me to use this email address to send and receive from a mobile phone (I havent got and dont want to use laptops or pc links). Will this phone handle this, and what other conditions need to be met before his can happen ? (obviously I could by a newer P800 or P900,a Treo, Journada etc, but I have and old standard ericsson already and feel happy with it). I am not technically minded, so pls' reply in laymans terms. Thankyou, Andy.
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If it is a POP3 email it should work on a mobile phone (as long as you have all the correct settings). However, with a HTTP email it will be very doubtful since most phones do not support HTTP emails. -- Jim - eXpansys