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Tungsten W? [Enfora Wireless LAN Portfolio - 122009]

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I know the spec says "all Tungsten models except the Tungsten-E and Tungsten T5" but does it definitely support the Tungsten W? Since that's the only Tungsten I know of with a 68000 core, I have to wonder if it's correct. Also, I can't find any mention of Tungsten W support on Enfora's website. It says "The WP802b (WLN0103) works with the m100 series, m500 series, Zire 71, and Tungsten models T, T2 and T3.". It also says "North American version only". Is this the same one or a UK model? If it is the US one, does it matter? Will it work in the UK, and with a Tungsten W?
We will get a definitive answer from Enfora on this and let you know. Kevin Taylor Product Manager Mobile Planet/eXpansys USA
Here is Enfora's answer: "It depends on how the carrier configured the Tungsten W. For some versions, customers have gotten it to work. We do not guaranty that it will work." Kevin Taylor Product Manager Mobile Planet/eXpansys USA