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I have a Dell Axim x50 running Windows Mobile 5, that communicates with my Desktop PC using Active Sync 4.2. I am thinking about buying an Enfora GSM0110 GSM/GPRS Compact Flash Card. I have s Socket WiFi SDIO card tnat enable me to collect my e-mails via my Axim, but, of course, only at hot spot locations. I would like to be able to collect my e-mails using my Axim in the same way that I now collect those e-mails via my Cingular Sony Erricsson T637 cell phone (already 2 years old)-- that is. not limited to hot spots. Also, my T637 does not support HTML messages. I could, of course, now buy an expenseive PDA cell phone for about $600 (without a contract), but there is nothing wrong with either my T637 or my Axim, and if the Enfora GSM0110 will allowing me to do what. Any Advice wiill be appreciated.