DJI Phantom 3 Standard – サポートフォーラム

New Feature: Intelligent Flight Mode with DJI GO App [DJI Phantom 3 Standard - 280886]

Exciting news for all DJI Inspire 1 and Phantom 3 owners. Intelligent flight modes in the DJI GO app are now available, bringing you easier, more intelligent flight.

Read on below to hear more about these great new features.



Intelligent Flight Modes

Intelligent flight modes for the Inspire 1 are just a firmware update away. Simply visit the Inspire 1 download page at, download and install the latest firmware, and update the DJI GO app to the latest version.


New Functions

Course Lock

Fly along a set path, regardless of where the Inspire's or Phantom's nose is pointing with Course Lock. Perfect for those complicated tracking shots.



Record a flight path, then tell your Inspire 1 or Phantom 3 to repeat it while you control the camera and orientation. Save your favourite missions, customise your speed, and more.


Home Lock

Customise your flight controls to be relative to you at all times. Flick a switch, and forward/backward and left/right will be set in relation to the Home Point.


Point of Interest

Send your Inspire 1 or Phantom 3 circling around an object or person for shots that only experts could achieve before.



Required OSs: iOS 8.0 or Later, Android 4.1.2 or later

Aicraft Firmware: Inspire 1: V or above

Intelligent flight modes only available when sufficient GPS signal is available.

Happy flying,