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Why will my printer not work? [Dell Dell Colour Printer 810 - 136313]

  • Nokes
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I have recently bought a new cartridge but after printing a few sheets it is now suggesting i have an unsupported cartridge. It will not print at all and I have tried removing and reinserting the cartridge several times, but it still has not cured the problem.
  • binson
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That''s true. I got the same problem with this Printer 810 - "Unsupported Cartridge" when I tried the ORIGINAL CARTRIDGE came with the printer. I don''t think that it''s out of ink because I only print LESS THAN 5 sheets. Even though I tried to reinstall the cartridge serveral times, replaced the USB cable and tried different PC, it still didn''t work at all. I called technical support for this problem and talk to the Indian lady in the technical department. She said I called wrong department and transfer me to the waiting line then hang up on me. I really get up set about it. Is it the way Dell treat customers - bad product, bad warrantee and bad service? Even though the printer is cheap, I just let you all have regard to Dell products, especially this printer.