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Applications [Dell Chromebook 11 Celeron 2955U - 11.6" LED - 286335]

My question is, is this just like a smart phone? Being able to download apps off Google play?

So I would be able to use photo edit apps?

Also, how does the memory work? Could I use an external hard drive to save extra space?

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The apps available on chromebooks can be viewed here:

It is different from the Google Play store. There are a number of photo editing apps available, including GIMP and Pixlr. Most apps are hosted on the cloud, so the portion stored on the SSD itself is much smaller than with a traditional application. The chromebook 11 has a media card slot and a USB port that you can attach an external hard drive to, so there are a number of options to increase storage if the 16GB proves insufficient.

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yes it different from google play store but you can download apps photo editor as you want .



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