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DWL_G520M Install problems [D-Link DWL-G520M Wireless 108G MIMO Desktop Adaptor - 130325]

Hi anyone having trouble making their G520M get up and go? I bought it exchange for my previous NetGear WG311T, which had (has) seriously unworkable problems. I was hoping a D-Link would finally give me internet access but it's not to be; as soon as I try downloading anything, it freezes the PC up, and I mean everything in much the same way that the WG311T did. Do they share the Atheros chipset? Any suggestions welcome Colin
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Freezing up usually indicates other system problems like motherboard or RAM defects. Have you tried testing the RAM on your machine? Download and use memtest86 from http://www.memtest86.com/ Its unlikely that the problem is related to the G520M card itself especially since you experienced the same symptoms with the netgear card.
Wow a while since I posted this It's given me a while to work the problem out, the fact that I experienced the same issues as I did with the NetGear card is the key; both D-Link and NetGear use the Atheros chipset, now I don't intend to bore you with the problems that v1 and v2 NetGear cards are giving users, suffice it to say if you log on to a NetGear forum you will see the problems this chipset is causing, along with NetGear themselves doing a very good job of staying silent about the whole thing. If I recall, you'd be OK with an Intel-based system whereas it would be touch and go with an AMD-based system, depending on the config ie some blamed the VIA mobo chipset, some thought it was some versions of the ATi VGA - there were other reasons too. I grew as fed up as most of them and bought a US Robotics .11g card and my problems simply vanished; both US Robotics and Link-Sys use US Robotics' own in-house chipset, the Broadcom chipset and it'll work no matter what your config, both Intel- and AMD-based systems. I only wish in hindsight that I'd bought the entire LAN of US Robotics kit.