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disconnects when antenna attached [D-Link DWL-G520+ AirPlusXtremeG+ PCI Card - 107947]

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Hi all, I bought 2 g520+ pci cards to go with my DI-624+ router.. With some fiddling I managed to setup one of the PCI cards in an XP machine with no problems.. But the second PC just didnt want to behave. I kept seeing the network but when I went to connect it would try for ages and then give up. One day I took the antenna out from the back and low and behold it worked straight away.. although a low connection strength because of having not antenna attached. i thought it must have been a dodgy antenna so I tried the one from the forst machine but it was exactly the same. Does anyone have or heard of a similar problem? I've tried everything, ive even swapped the 2 cards around but it does the same thing! As soon as I attach the antenna it disconnect and when I take it off it reconnects almost instantly. Thanks, Fusey
Fusey you're a genius. I couldn't get get my g520+ pci card to work either, but after reading your post I removed the antenna and its all go. Sorry cannot add anything helpful apart from letting you know you're not alone on this one! In my case I am using an older 11Mb access point, D-link DWL-1000AP. I am running Win98SE. As some others have found, I am able to see the access point in the 'Site survey' tab, but cannot connect... unless I remove the antenna. Will phone D-link tomorrow and see if they can come up with anything. Steve