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DWL-G520+ problem: can't have internet [D-Link DWL-G520+ AirPlusXtremeG+ PCI Card - 107947]

  • patee
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Hi!! I've set up a WLAN at home with the DSL-G604t router and five pcs. 4 of them use DLINK cards. My own, which is the only one not working properly, uses a DWL-G520+ card and runs on WinXp Pro Sp2. My problem is as follows: The card connects to the network. For some time (this ranges from a couples of seconds to several days) the computer has internet. Then, it stops. I still have access to the router http based config page and all the network shared folders, but internet is gone. No access at all from my pc!! At this point, when the internet is unavavailable, despite my best efforts, I just can't turn off the card. It doesn't respond!! The other PCs, however, still have internet. I have tried a lot of things: I upgraded the system from WinXp Sp1 to Sp2, updated the card drivers to the latest version, and even tried to run the card without using DLINK's software, without success. Any help or suggestion is welcome. I thank you in advance.
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Just posted this reply to the wrong message, so now its here instead : I have had the same problem for months and it is really really annoying, I have a fantastic signal strength with a constant 54.0 mbps and the link between pc and router never ever fails but browsing stops whenever it feels like it and I have to disconnect / disable / enable / reconnect every time :o( Ive tried all manner of fixes including 'keep link alive' software and ALL have failed. However, my laptops g650+ does not exhibit the same problem ??? I have asked this question in the past and received some useful tips from 'rperkin' but thought I would pop back in to this great forum to see if there are any updates on this rather bizarre problem ? Cheers