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sharing a broadband connection [D-Link DWL-905+ AirPlus Wireless Network Kit - 105762]

hi there I have a cable broadband connection. I am trying to set up a wireless network so three computers can share the connection. I bought a dwl-905+ wireless kit, but can't access the internet (I seem to be communicating with the access point okay). The documentation says I need a router as well- what is a router, and why do I need it? The cable modem has an ethernet socket on it- can I not just plug it into the access point? The description of the kit on the expansys website does not mention that I need anything else to set up an internet network as far as I can tell. Also, non of the computers are in the same room as the cable modem- does one of them need to be connected to the access point to manage it? Sorry for my ignorance- I'm new to wireless networking (and networking!) Thanks Jake
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"three computers can share the connection" "what is a router, and why do I need it?" It is a router which allows you to share a single Internet connection. The router will make sure that communications across the network arrive at the machine they are intended for. In addition, most routers include Network Address Translation (NAT), which allows you to have your own set of private, local addresses behind the router. "can I not just plug it into the access point?" Yes, but it won't achieve what you want. "does one of them need to be connected to the access point to manage it?" Only to configure the DWL-900AP+ initially. Based on the info in your post, I suggest what you need from the D-Link range is: DI-614+ wireless Internet gateway DWL-650+ for each laptop DWL-520+ for each desktop The DI-614+ will connect to your cable modem, and give you a wireless network capable of 22 Mbit/s. I recommend that for the initial configuring that you set up the router using a direct Ethernet connection. After you have done this you can use wireless alone. The DI-614+ has 4 Ethernet ports. Use one of these to connect to a PC with an Ethernet card. Most recent PCs come with one built in; if not, they're only £7 or so. Suitable D-Link models are the DFE-538TX for a desktop, or the DFE-690TXD for a laptop (more expensive!). [Aside: I picked up a D-Link laptop Ethernet card on eBay for £1] You need to decide if you want to keep the contents of the DWL-905+ kit. I think it's a good price - separately the items are a lot more. I don't think you've paid much over the odds. If you need extended coverage of your house, the DWL-900AP+ can act as a repeater, so may yet come in handy. Or you could keep the DWL-650+ cards and sell the DWL-900AP+ to reduce your costs. Or exchange for the kit listed above. With this range of kit, make sure you choose compatible devices. The appropriate D-Link models have a + in the model name. If you decide you need a higher speed wireless network (54 Mbit/s) the equivalent devices are probably the DI-624+, DWL-G520+, DWL-G650+. The higher speed will make a difference for wireless PC-to-PC local file transfers, but you won't gain any improvement on Internet speeds as your cable modem connection is likely 512k or 1 Mbit/s - substantially slower. Suggest you talk it over with eXpansys for some advice. Your name is in Glorious Green so I guess you purchased it from them. Note that I do *not* work for eXpansys and am entirely independent. Hope this helps - shout out if you need more info
thanks very much for the info- think I'l buy a DI614+ jake