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Unable to access folders [D-Link DSM-320 Wireless Media Player - 114264]

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I just got the D-Link DSM-320 and I have immediately run-up on a huge problem J Software firmware is version 1.3 and Media Server is version 1.2, so no problems there. Setup went trough rather smoothly and DSM-320 has found media server. Nevertheless, it cannot find any Music, Pictures or Videos files. I have crosschecked that all shared folders includes files that are supported by the DSM-320, server is running, so Im really out of fresh ideas. I have also turned off the Norton Antivirus (at the media server side), enabled UPnP on my USR8200 Firewall/VPN/NAS router, disabled the USR8200 firewall completely, several reset at different sites, and yet no success at all Could someone please comment or give any fresh idea?
Sounds to me like it could be the D-Link problem in opening folder with lots of sub-folders or lots of files. Can't remember the official limit but D-Link have confirmed it's still an issue even with latest server software (1.03) and player firmware (1.05). See http://p214.ezboard.com/fdsm320frm2.showMessage?topicID=333.topic for more info. Frankly, D-Link media server software seems to be about the worst. Suggest you try out the alternatives which all work better with the 320, such as: Twonkyvision v2.8 http://www.twonkyvision.de/UPnP/index.html Tversity v0.7.0.1 (alpha) http://www.tversity.com/ Philips Media Manager v3.2.1.0004 http://www.streamium.com/features/pcentertainment/