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New Dongles [D-Link DSL-924 54Mbps ADSL Wireless Router Starter Kit - 137795]

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Do I have to buy new USB keys for all the new wireless points that I want on the network? Just that i''ve got 4 new laptops all the same spec and they all include wireless cards internally fitted, but none of them seem to find the d-link network/router.
Hi, None of the cards are able to detect the router. So it could be a issues with the router it self. Connections. Internetcable from modem to WAN / INTERNET port on the router. try connecting 1 computer wired to the router and make sure that its working wored. Disable any encryption or passwords . Enable the WiFi hot key on your laptop Try accessing the network You might also have a WiFi switch on your laptop that needs to be put on. To make sure, try using the laptop in a different wireless network. At office or other hotspots. Any issues mail @ edamadaka_mahendra@dell.com
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Hi, I have a D-LINK DSL-924 Wireless router. It is installed ok and runs a lap top as well as my PC. I now want to run a second PC from the router but cant connect to the router. Can you help?