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DSL-504 router locks up [D-Link DSL-504 Ethernet Router - 105317]

Hi there, I have a problem with my router D-Link DSL-504 and although I have searched the forum I couldn't find a solution for my problem. My router locks up every now and then, the status lamp is either permanently on or off during that state, usually it is blinking when the connection works. I have tried to disable the DNS proxy but when I try to connect to the internet after my pcs won't connect. Can somebody maybe give me the Client settings I need to configure my PCs? I have a static IP address which is, the routers IP is . What do I have to put into default gateway, preferred DNS server and alternate DNS server? In the router settings I have 2 DNS servers (primary: and secondary do I have to put them into the clients network settings? Do I have to change anything else? Thanks a lot for your help! Kind regards, Anne