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D-LINK DSL-502T router [D-Link DSL-502T ADSL Router - 110631]

  • vishram
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Hi, I'm using this router for braodband connection. It was working for some days , one fine day it just stoppped working. meaning , Its getting up, all the lights are blinking/staedy as per instructions. but I'm not getting into the network of my ISP. the log is as follows. Sep 8 12:00:10> Firewall NAT sevice started Sep 8 12:00:11> Bridge Created: br0 Sep 8 12:00:11> Bridge Interface Added: eth0 Sep 8 12:00:12> pppd 2.4.1 started by root, uid 0 Sep 8 12:00:15> DSL Carrier is down Sep 8 12:00:35> DSL Carrier is up can anyone tell me, the reason why I'm unable to login to my ISP. ISP servers are perfectly up and running
can you tell me how change ip address I cant able to change
  • woodline
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hallo! i have a little problem! i need change a router ip address! ho un piccolo problema! ho bisogno di cambiare l''ip del mio dlink 502t per problemi con l''acces point! grazie! qualcuno sa come fare?