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Use of DP-G310 without ethernet. [D-Link DP-G310 Wireless USB Print Server - 113568]

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I have bought the DP-G310 to function without any wired connection to a netowrk. That is: I want to use it to wirelessly print from my laptop (I have D-link wireless card and use that to wirelessly connect to the internet, for various reasons I can not connect my printer to the wireless internet hub) and connect the D-link 310 only to my printer. Is this possible? If so how to I go about setting it up? Many thanks in advance.
i've bought the printer server dp-g310 on november 2005 and still 10days ago it works propely without any kind of problems... suddely (10 days ago) without any apparence reason the printer (hp 930c) don't work. the configuration between the printer server-router and pcmcia card on a notebook is not modify..... with a friend we look about the configuration, but never work!!! i write to D-Link factory service and now i?m waiting for the reply.... see you later.........