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Can't get ICS to work?!?!?! [D-Link DI-714P+ Airplus Wireless Internet Gateway - 105256]

  • Ray John
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I am trying to share my ADSL Internet connection using ICS but get an IP conflict with the device. The Windows Internet Connection Sharing wizard uses however the DI-714P+ uses the same address too, therefore I get the IP address conflict. What I have is an USB ADSL modem issued by my company connected to my main computer. I can share this ADSL Internet connection easily with my laptop through a normal wired Ethernet Switch by using ICS. Now that I’ve decided to go wireless and use your DI-714P+, I started to get these IP address conflicts. Is there a way to set the IP address of the DI-714P+ manually to another IP address? What do I need to do to share my ADSL connection using this device?
  • rperkin
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My experience is with the DSL-604+ but I believe it will transfer to this product: 1. To use the DI-714+ you need an ADSL modem with Ethernet connection. Any brand will do; an appropraite D-Link one is the DSL-300G+ Or discard (well, negotiate with the supplier for its return) and get a product which includes an ADSL modem. The equivalent D-Link one is the DSL-604+ but this doesn't include the print server. 2. Wireless routers are designed to work in infrastructure mode, that is all devices communicate with the router first, not with each other. So the modem should be connected to the router, not to another PC. It's then the router which allocates each local device a unique local IP address, while presenting your ISP with a single public IP address. 3. It may well be possible to change the IP address of the router (it is with the DSL-604+) but that's not really how it should work. You shouldn't be using ICS at all... This may well not be what you want to hear: it will involve spending more money and/or a little more hassle before things are working smoothly. Hope this helps