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d link connection problem [D-Link DI-524 Wireless 54Mbps High Speed Router - 129976]

I have a d link router with which 2 computers are in touch, one a pc the other a laptop. All was okay til about a month ago. Now both computers show good strong signals, all lights flash as they should but only the homepages load, even they take endless time to get there. Try another page and nothing happens. Been in touch with Tiscali (ISP) who reckon the connection is great and recommended I change the filter. Did that and nothing's changed. Any ideas anyone?

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I can tell you (from experience) that Tiscali tech support is rubbish and never actually know what they are talking about.  I was with them for a year and got terrible service all the way through, so i wouldn't pay too much attention to their script err.... i mean tips ;)

 Might be worth doing a factory reset on the router since it sounds like some of the settings may be preventing it accessing the net.


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