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"Fail to connect server" and No Sound! [D-Link DCS-5300G Wireless Pan/Tilt Network Camera - 116012]

  • pudn
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A customer has a DCS-5300W and a DCS-5300G installed and configured for accessing over the Internet as well as recording to output locally to a machine on the Network. Only one of the two is configured to broadcast sound, the other is muted. When trying to access the camera remotely a message is displayed "Fail to connect server" but then the video comes through but no sound. I presume the error message relates to the sound because I have swapped the cameras and the 2nd camera does exactly the same, though when viewing the camera that is muted there is no error message. I think this is a problem with the software/plugin on the remote machine rather than on the camera. Has anyone had this problem and solved it? How to you uninstall the plugin so that you can re-install on next visiting the camera site?
  • alarmnz
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Hi, You can view the source code of the cameras web page to find the class id of the <object> (the actual video stream). If you search your registry for the number string after the class ID you can delete all instances of the cameras installation from the registry and it will enable a clean installation of required files on next connection to the camera. BE AWARE, if you make mistakes while editing your registry you may damage your OS installation or render other programs unusable.