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How do I connect to network? [D-Link DBT-900AP Bluetooth - LAN Access Point - 110528]

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I have managed to pair the pc and DBT-900ap, but from there I cannot seem to do anything. When I try to use the device my bluetooth software tells me that the DBT-900 doesn''t offer ANY services. Nor does it qualify as a network connectable device. When I try to connect to a personal network I get the following message: "No device or computer supporting personal network services have been paired with this computer. Click the Add button to add a device." But since the DBT-900ap is already paired it isn''t found a second time. Hence the only conclusion I can draw from that is that the device isn''t useable for this purpose. That was the reason why I bought it - to have a small wireless network device to use in hotel rooms etc. What a bummer! I wonder why they made this thing? I cannot see any use for it!