Creative Zen Touch 20GB – サポートフォーラム

Trying a CF instead of the HD : firmware upgrade pb [Creative Zen Touch 20GB - 114016]


my HD was down so - and as I had one -  I tried to put a CF card with an adapter.

But now I've a problem when upgrading the firmware : the scroll bar is stuck.

I think somebody can help me with a disk image of his working Zen Touch.

Please let this brick live !!!

 Flachy Joe from France.

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Did you try formatting the CF card through the recovery menu before running the firmware upgrade?

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Thank for the reply.

Yes, but I have a hard disk problem... I checked the adapter on a PC : it's ok and the CF too.

I don't know about the power need by the adapter and the zen touch one...

In recovery mode the firmware is v0.0.8


I just switch on and off a jumper on the adapter which select 1.8" or 2.5" compatibility and it's now ok !?

So I've a 16Gb CF mp3 player.

Thank you for the interest and have a good day.

Flachy Joe