CoPilot Live 7 GPS Software Europe, 2GB card – サポートフォーラム

ALK state that, CoPilot Live 7 "is not compatable" with the MWg Atom V [CoPilot Live 7 GPS Software Europe, 2GB card - 162129]

I attempted an update through CoPilot Central which failed.  This caused the device to lock up showing "unpacking updates" on the loading screen.  This had happened once before and to get around it I had to format the SD card and rebuild the maps using CoPilot Central, this worked without problem.  This was as advised by ALK (using the information .pdf from my previous mail) and on this occasion they didn't ask for the device I was using!

Now when I try to rebuild the maps I receive the following error message: An Error has occurred. Please try again after all other operations have completed \Storagecard\copilot\EU\data\00000000.cix.  Cannot Write.

The underlined file isn't necessarily alway the same file the download errors on but it is always one of the 8 digit number files in the same directory.  There are also, to my knowledge, no other operations ongoing.  When I contacted ALK this time they asked which device I was using and I received the following email.

I checked the compatibility of Copilot 7 with your device and it is actually not listed in the list of compatible devices with our software. This explains why you could not download the updated safety cameras and why it works only sporadically when you try to recreate your storage card.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide support for this device as it has never been tested.

I now have a blank micro SD card where once there was CoPilot.  ALK are, from what I understand, saying that eXpansys should not have sold the software with the device.  Can you advise how I can get the software back?  Or exhange the software for a Sat Nav system which is compatable, according to the manufacturer for technical support reasons, with the MWg Atom V?  I do have concerns that if the fault is rectified I have no technical support available from the manufacturer, which, in my opinion, is all part of the purchase price.

18 November 2008 - After 3 weeks of getting nowhere eXpansys have washed their hands of this situation.  DO NOT buy anything from this website until you have checked out that all is compatable!  Alternativley purchase elsewhere for better customer service!!