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Build quality and compatability [Carcomm i-mate PDA2K Handsfree DSP Car Kit - 122685]

Could you tell me firstly is this car kit definately compatible with the O2 XDA "iis"? Every one I've looked at has been for all XDA's except the iis. How secure does the cradle hold the xda? The picture in your listing doesn't really show the mount in any detail. I want to use it for satnav also and the one I currently have the xda dislodges every time i press the screen. Many thanks.
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Hi, The kit is compatible with O2 XDA IIs, as well as the i-mate PDA2K, and Qtek 9090. The cradle holds the device very securely and uses the correct device interface connector built into the cradle, rather than using a side grip mount and separate cable. An independent review of the Carcomm kit was posted recently on the XDA developer forum - although they posted a link to the PDA2K part number, it is the same kit and was used with an XDAIIs. I hope this helps to answer your questions. Regards, Mike Cherry eXpansys Product Manager