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ip3000 [Canon Pixma iP3000 Ink Jet Photo Printer - 117247]

  • p cook
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i have recently bought ym ip3000..when i print, i get green instead of colours. any ideas? Thanks. pc
  • gizmouk
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  • 加入日: 2 11月 2006
Take the cartidges out. Release the print head by lifting the grey lever at the right hand side. Carefully lift out the print head - have some paper tissues ready. You will find that the bottom of the print head is covered in ink. Take the print head to a sink and wash it in hot clean water. get all the ink off. Dry the head, concentrating on the bottom plate. Put the head back in, lock it, replace the cartidges. Now it''ll print OK, until the next time the problem occurs. IF ANYONE HAS AN EXPLANATION FOR THIS HAPPENING PLEASE LET ME KNOW. This drives me mad! Chris