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Help needed to set up wmr-g54 [Buffalo WMR-G54 Airstation Wireless ADSL Router - 112936]

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I have just purchased a WMR-G54 and dont seem to have the know how to set it up. My broadband comes from wanadoo using a adsl modem supplied by them. I now want to connect my pc to my sons pc upstairs using a wirless airstaion adapter. Ive tried reading the quick set up guide but gets me no where. Can anyone take me through an idiots guide for set up. Are there numbers I need from my isp provider?
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The router is fairly simple to configure. Connect up your net adapter (better to use a wired one first), an address should be automatically assigned to it. After that point your web browser to and enter username:admin/password:admin from there configure the DSL. Remember any username on the Wanadoo service needs to be suffixed by '@fs', for example, yourname.wanadoo.co.uk@fs.