Blue Monkey Bluetooth Stereo Music Transceiver – サポートフォーラム

More info please [Blue Monkey Bluetooth Stereo Music Transceiver - 135400]

I'm really interested in this unit but I need some more info. I can't seem to find the manufacturer's website - hence this post. If you there is one - please give me a link. I've tried calling but the hellpful chap I spoke to was a little stuck as well and suggested posting questions here. How exactly does this work? Is the RX unit a headset or do you connect a pair of headphones to it? If this is the case how does it work with the phone? If you have a set of headphones connected obviously you can hear the caller, but how do you talk to them? I'm guessing a mic somewhere, but where. Can you pair another device to the RX using the A2DP instead of the TX unit supplied. Do you have any better pictures. Thanks.