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iPAQ 1940 and Blue Monkey USB Dongle [Blue Monkey Bluetooth Adaptor with Hinged Antenna - 103528]

  • jw
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I have an h1940 and bought the Bluetooth USB adaptor to surf the internet and Activesync on my pda wirelessly. I can use the Bluemanager to view and send files onto my pda, but when i try to set up anything like Internet connection, Activesync, or browsing files on the PC through the pda, it dosent work. It recognises that the PC exists but when it tries to discover the services an error message comes up to check if device is on and whether it is running any services. I have looked in Bluemanager options and it seems the PC is running the services. I use XP Professional Edition, but I have also tested the adaptor on my laptop running Win98 and I get the same problem. What should I do?
  • GreenBoy
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I have had exactly the same thing. Ive had a look through the documentation on the CD but that has not come up with anything. According to the box thereshould be an instrution guided in cluded - Im assuming a printed one, bu there was nothing in my box except a blank peice of card. Come to think of it the CD was completely black as well - in terms of writing that is. Is this a faulty batch? GreenBoy Over to you Expansys!
  • jw
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I am writing now to Expansys to see if its possible to get a refund or a replacement, its just ridiculous, the page says that this adaptor has been tested with Bluetooth enabled iPAQs. The h1940 is a Bluetooth enabled iPAQ, and a popular one at that. The adaptor dosent do what its supposed to, therefore I would like a refund or a replacement.
  • rddearing
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Using the 1940 with BlueMonkey Adaptor: I have done this with zero effort so rather than simply brag about it I thought I would share the steps I took. 1. Set up the BlueMonkey using my method described in post 2. Pair the devices from the PC 3. In the Ipaq go to Bluetooth Manager, click New and select Activesync connection from the list. You will then be prompted to select which paired device you want to work with. Select the one you want and click ok then give the connection a name. 4. In active sync on the handheld ensure the device you normally sync with is selected and go to options. Within the options change from USB to Bluetooth. Click ok until you are out of Active Sync and you are done on the Ipaq. 5. Change the connection settings in Active Sync on your PC so that the serial connection uses the Comm Port that Bluetooth is using (COM 4 on my PC) 6. From the Ipaq, go to Bluetooth Manager, hold the stylus on the active sync connection you created and select Connect from the popup menu The device should then establish a connection. Step 6 is the only one you will need to do each time you want to connect. There is a simlar problem with IrDA in that the connection always has to be established from the handheld rather than the PC - a niggle but not the end of the world.
Can anyone tell me how I get the BlueMonkey USB Bluetooth device to work with my Imate Jasjar using Activesync v4.1 Installed USB device & software which removed my Ethernet connections, which is now fixed. PC & PDA have paired OK. Activesync can't find or won't recognise the connection under Windows 2000. I am trying to use Bluetooth so my Jasjar battery is not having frequent short charges as power & data use the same cable, as I suspect that this will significantly reduce battery life. Mike