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Driver Software required / Problem settng up Data Connection [BLU Studio 5.3 - 229278]

Hi there.

 Very speedy delivery for my blu studio 5.3  indeed  ! I am residing in Singapore

I am facing 2 problem with the phone :

1)when i connect to my notebook pc via data cable, it prompt me with a need of driver software. The phone does not come with a driver software disc . so I went to the website  to download the driver software. Although there is a download section,  it appear that it is a broken link  . I had sent a email to the but there is no reply.

Please assist me in this aspect

2)I am using a prepaid data card. The phone can detect the card but it appear that phone need to be set up for data connection- going to the marketplace and surfing the net. I have gone to the Setting and Network to do the set-up but  may be I have missed certain step. After trying for few days , I still cannnot set up the data connection.

Please assist me in setting up the data connection in a Step by step manner.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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I'll try as best as I can to help you out here.

1) As most android phones use the same drivers it should not be an issue. Maybe it is the settings on the phone that needs to be changed.

When you connect the phone to your PC with a USB cable, have a look at the top bar on the screen of the phone. See if you have a small symbol that looks like an android next to the USB symbol.

Pull down the top bar and click on the "USB connected" line. On the screen that appears select the "Turn on USB storage" and click "OK".

Hopefully that should do it. Just remember to always use the "disconnect USB device safely" procedure before unplugging the phone.

2) To be able to use 3G and similar you'll need to input the APN settings for your network provider.

These are found :

- Settings
- Wireless and networks
- Make sure that the "(use) mobile networks" (wording depending on phone) is enabled.
- Click on the "mobile network (settings)"
- Choose "Access point names" (APN)
- Click on the "manu" button on your phone and choose "create new ARN"

In here you'll need to input the settings given by your network supplier. To get these settings either give them a call or type something like "APN Orange" into Google (if Orange is your provider, if not swap this out with the name of your service provider).


I hope this will help.


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