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SIM-Phone memory segragation [BenQ-Siemens S68 - 129787]

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I would like to have direct access to the numbers stored in the phone memory ONLY, without the ones stored in the SIM card to appear. When I say direct access, I mean by simply pressing the down navigation arrow. Any ideas? The closest I could come to that was as follows: The phone allows me to go directly to the filter tab when I press the down arrow showing the “Most used” numbers. Then, if I change the filter option to “Phone Memory” everything is OK. The problem is that if I exit the phonebook and reenter, the filter resets back to its default “Most used” option. This default option CANNOT be changed. Do you know whether a newer version of firmware allows you to change this default value of the filter? I have the 22nd software version with a A405 variant.