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Bluetooth device not found! [Belkin F8T001 Bluetooth Adaptor - 103466]

I just bought this bluetooth USB and hooked it up to the PC, installed the software etc... But nothing is working, tried "Start using bluetooth" and nothing happens. the phone is a K700i sony ericsson. The USB driver in the quick installation guide says "CSR USB bluetooth Device" but my PC said "GeniLink USB Adapter" anything to do with it? The PC however did manage to send its own device to my phone....mmm Any help would be appreicated
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Are you using Windows XP with SP2? If so, SP2 installs it's own drivers which aren't compatible. Instead you have to replace the SP2 driver with the one that came on the Belkin disk. Go to "My Computer" right click and select "Properties"; go to the "Hardware" tab and press the "Device Manager" button; go to "Bluetooth Devices" and right click on the one that says "Belkin..." and select "Update Driver"; in the first dialog select the "No not this time" radio button then click "Next"; select "Install from a specific location" then click "Next"; select "Don't Search..." and click "Next"; select "Belkin Bluetooth Device" and click "Next" that should do it. Then you'll go through the config screens as it says in the Belkin user manual. HTH, -Mark