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Usability of Belkin Bluetooth with XDAII [Belkin Bluetooth GPS Navigation System - 111234]

  • gixer600
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I am VERY keen on purchasing this product. If anyone could help me with the following questions, I would be grateful: 1) Does it work with XDA II over bluetooth (I know it should in theory - but has anyone tried it?) 2) Will it work within my car (Is this signal strong and constant?) 3) Is this better than an SD GPS card? (Why?) 4) What maps do I get? I live in England but travel in Europe & States Many thanks for ANY information. Kind regards Andrew
  • Dyce_NV
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I have both 1)yes but you might need pocket bluetooth tools to make it work with w2003 pda. It worked when I first got it until I had to do a hard reset. I could not get it to work for 3 months before I remembered I had that installed. (works on com 7) 2)great signal in my car (convertible top)on my dash & even in the center console 3) not sure never tried one 4)You should get maps for US (got mine from belkin cause they did not have it here when I bought it) althoght Expansys Guys would know for sure...not a bad program but no updates seem planned You can select states or cities & it transitions between states (don't have to load different maps) I think Belkin has a European map as well (might be better to get tom tom or something because of no updates w/belkin) Device itseft works well & seems sturdy (I dropped it once) Hope that helps Rob
  • Oildoc
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no one seem to be able mine to work i dont think its as simple as they say it is when they sell it to you imate (xdao2) & belkin copilot live