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Interested in buying one of these, have questions before I pull the trigger [B-Stock Google Nexus S GT-i9020 Android Smartphone - 227236]

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I sent these earlier as emails to two Expansys email accounts, but I figure it might be best to put this up here as well. Anyways,

-Are these the GT-I9020T US models or similar that have AMOLED screens and that work with T-mobile 3G? I ask because I am currently using US T-mobile and hope to continue with the service. I am also hoping to eventually move something with a data plan from T-mobile, hence why this is important to me.

-I have a feeling these are units pulled from the previous new listing for Nexus Ses(?) that was here a few days ago but have since been removed from the site. Assuming I'm wrong though, what kind of warranty situation would I be looking at with these phones? I know there's the 3 day return period for defective units, but would there be any possible support after that, and am I on my own from then on?