ASUS WL330GE Wireless Access Point – サポートフォーラム

I want to connect to the internet through two computers in two different houeses (next door to each other). One house is currently connected to the internet through an Asus WL-520GU router. Can I connect the other house to this router. If so, how? [ASUS WL330GE Wireless Access Point - 156998]

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Does your other computer have a wireless adapter. If so the main computer with the internet connection via the modem should relay to a wireless router N type for better connection value or G type. Once established internet connection, the other computer with wireless adapter needs to link to the wireless router.

router addrs or 

ip addresses  or

or modem to wireless router to adapter 

Best using the ethernet route for cleaner connection for modem to router.

Or being clever drill a hole so you can feed a ethernet cable between the houses