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Phone Function [ASUS MyPal A716 Pocket PC - 113900]

  • NXSmiggy
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ATM i have the Hp Jornada 928 wich i love very much , i love it for the simple fact of the phone function. i fing the XDA repulsive and the oxymoron of smartphone less than ammuses me. this clis to have a phone function , yet i cannot find anyone that has used it as a phone. can someone shed some light on this for me thankyou
  • Michael
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It doesn't have a built in phone, it something that can be added as third party add-on via the CF slot. -- Michael - eXpansys
  • NXSmiggy
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do you kow where i would get one of thse as i am seriolsy considdering replacing my jornada 928 with one of these bad boys if i can use it as a phone thankyou also would it be possibe to turn the ausus mypal a730 into a phone too as this claims the same thing , and i would rather spend the extra money to have on of those instead
  • Greggz
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I have been looking for a post that actually says they have one that works this way (as a phone using CF socket GSM/GPRS card). I was about to pounce on a Dell Axim X50V because of the fast processor & 640 X 480 graphics until i found out the microphone is at the TOP of the device, meaning of course that you would look extremely silly holding the device UPSIDE DOWN to use it as a be careful what you end up with !! Others on my shortlist are HP Ipaq HX4700 or the ASUS Mypal a730 . Greg
Do you know of any CF external SIM card holder addon plugin I might use with my Asus A716? Thanks in advance, Gralgrathor