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CM506 and bluetooth power port / charging cable ? [Arkon iPAQ hx2750 CM506 Multimedia W/Shield Mount - 118859]

Hi, I'm wondering if the CM506 also comes with a 5V "power port for charging most Bluetooth GPS" as should the CM705? Also, is the CM506 delivered with a Bluetooth charging cable? According to specs at Arkon homepage the 705 is delivered with the bluetooth charging cable but as read i this forum the cable isn't always shipped in the box??? Is the cable included or not? Can it be bought separately? Thanks for an quick answer, I would really like to order as soon as possible. jannek999
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You can get the CA100 cable this will provide charging for most bluetooth GPS units. -- Michael - eXpansys
Thanks Michael, but I'd rather not use the CA100 because it is too short, it doesn't allow me to put the GPS unit as I would like to. Still my question is, does the CM506 have a 5V power port ? Do You know where I can buy a fitting power cable ? As I understand there sould be a demand for such a cable, why doesn't Expansys have one for sell like SEIDIO does ?