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3M Pad - life and resurrection [Arkon CM48 Multi-angle Pedestal DUPE - 106025]

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OK - I've had a kit which includes the CM48 fitted to my car for just about 4 months now. I say fitted, but what I mean is 'used to be but now not'. As I don't want to disfigure the dashboard with screw holes, I used the 3M double sided pad, followed instructions (clean thoroughly, scrub with alcahol wipe, fit and leave for a day or so) and happily went about using the mount. Until the first hot day of spring that is, when the mount parted company with the dashboard and fell to the floor. Extremely glad that the iPaq wasn't installed at the time, I'm still annoyed at the short life span. Yes, the pads don't last forever but, come on, four months? So far I've been told that it's outside of the waranty period so talk to the manufacturer. Not a lot of good as they're in the USA and only sell in the UK via distributers. Putting aside the life of the product for the moment, can new pads be obtained and, if so where from? Has anyone else had similar problems, or did I just get a duff one? Regards A